You CAN Do This!

By Coach Cheyenne.

We’ve all probably heard someone tell us, “You can do this!” Or maybe we’ve been the one
that has shared this great phrase with someone else. To be honest, this phrase and a million
other motivating sayings are some of my favorite things to say. I love looking someone in the
eye and truthfully telling them, “You can do this! You got this! You’re doing awesome! Way to
go! Keep it up!”

I love motivational quotes. You can ask my runners. They laugh at me because I get so excited
and motivated with just the right quote. Just look at my Facebook page. I like to share good
quotes that I’ve dealt with before. My latest ones are, “Mistakes have the power to turn you
into something better than you were before.” “The successful have failed more times than the
spectator has even tried.” And “Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no
matter how slow.”- Plato

I guess I’m a motivational “quote-junkie”. Just the right words can get me going.
I’ve learned over the years that our words can be so important to how a situation can turn out.
Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” He’s dead
on! I can’t tell you how many of my runners have accomplished something they never had
before just because they thought they could! We all have self-doubt at some point, but we
must train our minds to become tough. This is called being mentally tough. I work with my
runners a lot on this since running is such a mental game. There are so many negative thoughts
that come into our heads while we are running fast and our bodies are hurting, exhausted, or
we just can’t shake our competition. When those negative thoughts come into our heads, we
must make a conscious effort to push them out and replace them with positive thoughts. We
can use this same mind set when it comes to any sport, especially CrossFit, or any area in our
lives. When you don’t think you can’t push anymore, tell yourself to keep pushing. When you
can’t breathe, tell yourself to breathe. If you feel like you can’t hold this pace, tell yourself to
hold onto it! When you feel like you can’t eat healthy anymore, tell yourself, you can do this!
It takes time for this to become a habit. If you’ve already created a bad habit of being negative,
it will take time to break that. If you fall into the negativity, don’t get so down on yourself. The
next time you are in a similar situation, just tell yourself you will be positive this time and then
do it. It can take a while to change, but you can do it!

“Refuse to succumb to the negative events around you and tap into your mental toughness to
thrive in any environment. The good guy doesn’t always win and justice doesn’t always prevail,
but where you project your mental energy will always determine your attitude and it will
always be controlled by you.”- Steve Siebold

“Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.” You CAN do this!


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