Why WOR Doesn’t Look Like Other Gyms

By Coach Tim

Have you ever wondered how the big corporate gyms make money?  They are often huge buildings filled with row after row of expensive equipment. Many are in high-rent parts of town and are adorned with brightly colored signs promoting unlimited 24/7 access for as little as ten dollars per month.  How can they possibly pay their bills charging so little, let alone turn a profit? Like most business plans that depend on being the “low cost option,” the answer is massive volume. In order to stay in the black, they must have thousands of members.  

What they don’t want you to know is that while they appreciate your ten dollars a month, they really don’t want you to use the facility.    Most only have the capacity to serve a small percentage of their members at any one time. Their ideal members are people who pay their monthly fee but only show up sporadically, if at all.  With that in mind, they have designed their gyms to look more like casinos or bars with mirrors, music and colorful décor. They are set up so that people who are out-of-shape are comfortable coming in the door because they know that out-of-shape people are less likely to attend on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the weights and equipment are usually far in the back, out of sight, so as not to intimidate the casual member.  Psychologically, at only ten dollars a month, it’s much easier to head home after a long day, turn on the TV and put your feet up. After all, it’s only ten dollars, you’re not losing that much.

At CrossFit WOR you will find a much different scene.  The box is set up with one thing in mind… providing a space for our members to get a safe, high intensity, functional workout on a daily basis.  We have wide open spaces and basic, yet utilitarian equipment. Unlike the corporate gyms, we want to see all of our members several times a week.  It costs more than ten dollars, but you get so much more out of it. We have trained coaches who provide instruction on every movement in every workout.  If you’re dealing with an injury or some other limitation, a coach will be there to help you scale the workout to your abilities. We offer nutrition coaching to keep you on track when you’re away from the gym.  Best of all, we have a community of members who are there to support and encourage you at every turn. In short, we want to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself when you decided to join a gym in the first place.

CrossFit WOR doesn’t look like other gyms because we are not like other gyms.  Success is not measured by how many members are on the rolls, but by impacting our members lives in a positive way.  If you’re serious about improving your health and getting fit, make an investment in yourself and come see what CrossFit WOR has to offer.  



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