What to do when you’re feeling burned out on CrossFit

By Coach Kristen

No one gets tired of working out, right? I mean…aren’t you always excited to pull those knee sleeves on? See “Cindy” on Zen Planner and just get practically giddy about it? I bet you never think about sleeping in, or skipping the 5:30p Friday class to go home and just Netflix and chill…

Yeah. Right.

But you know what? You’re not alone. Everyone – at some point in time – gets a little burned out on their exercise routine. Even fanatical CrossFitters. Here’s what you can do about it:

Tell a Coach:

Listen. If you haven’t noticed, we usually pick up on the fact that you’re not yourself in the gym. We notice when you haven’t been to your normal class a few times in a row. And the only thing that you can expect from us when you tell us how you’re feeling is understanding, encouragement, possible solutions, and love. We love you. Whether you’re feeling as enthusiastic as ever about box jumps, or just going through the motions, we love you. And we’re always on your side. This is a judgement free zone!

Tell Your CrossFit Buddy

Just like your coaches, your gym friends are there to encourage you and love you through whatever it is you’re going through. If you’re feeling a little less enthusiastic than usual about working out, tell them. It’s my guess that they’ll have some great advice, or at the very least, a sympathetic ear. And if they know how you’re feeling, I bet they’ll do everything they can to lovingly pull you out of your gym slump.

Get Outside

It’s the perfect time of year to get outside for physical activity. If you need a little break from the box, see what a good old-fashioned hike can do for you. Play a basketball game with your kids. Go for a bike ride down the river. At the very least, you’ll be remaining active. And you may just be encouraged by the fact that you’re in better shape than you thought thanks to all of those wall ball shots! That might  just be the boost you need to change your mindset about being in the box. Plus, a little sunshine never hurt anyone – just be sure to wear sunscreen. 😉

Change It Up

It might be as simple as changing which  class you choose to attend on a regular basis. Is the 6:30p class not really fitting into your schedule anymore? Try – just TRY – waking up early and joining the 5:30am-ers! Maybe that’s a better fit right now. Or if you need a break from heavy lifting and want to try FitFusion, at CF WOR, you have that option! We have HIIT, BoxFit, and Piloxing available every week. Either way, sometimes just switching things up for a session or two can do wonders. Just know that sitting on the coach is NOT the answer.

Set a Goal

Giving yourself a goal can provide the inspiration you need to push through the gym fatigue you are facing. Sign up for a race! There are plenty of obstacle course races at multiple levels available over the spring and summer months that are right up your alley! Or buy that pair of shorts that might be a little too snug. Make it your goal to fit into them  – or at least rock them confidently – by the 4th of July. Take a look back at some of your PRs and workout scores. Set a reasonable performance goal that you’d like to see yourself reach by the end of summer. (READ: Your coaches can help with this!) And with any goal, don’t forget to write it down, put it in front of you, and tell someone about it so you have accountability in reaching it!

Be Kind to YOU

The last – and maybe most important thing – is to cut yourself some slack. EVERYONE goes through this. Even your coaches. We all go through periods of highs and lows in everything, including our desire to work out. Sometimes you’re in the zone, you’re feeling excited about every workout and every sweat session. You may even start liking burpees! But…Sometimes you hate it. That’s life. This thing called health and fitness…it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t judge yourself so harshly for being in a bit of a motivational valley. Your peak is right around the corner! Just hang in there!


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