One more month


By Billie French, CFL1

We all have that SPARK when we first start CrossFit…Well most of us. It is kind of like a honeymoon phase we go through. You get addicted, find a box buddy, start eating better, and talking “The Box Talk”.  A few months or more go by and then BAM, you get up that day and think “I really don’t want to go today” or “I’m just not feeling it”. You start to lose that SPARK and start missing more days at the box and probably your eating habits are going backwards. Guess what?…. It’s normal but, it is NOT permanent. CrossFit is a process, and results do not happen overnight. We sometimes lose that spark because our bodies need a break physically and/or mentally. The Spark can also be lost when we aren’t doing our part in the relationship. We don’t workout with intention, we start eating bad or not listening to our bodies. In order for it not to be permanent you have to choose to make that change and be positive.

The great thing about our box is we are a fantastic community and we love holding you accountable. We all want you to succeed and we want you to have a good relationship with CrossFit. If you ever fill like you are losing the Spark, let someone know. Because they just might need that boost too.   We want to better your health for a lifetime, not just a few months. So let us help you get the SPARK back!

Warm-up: 10 reps each of 9 foundational movements

15 min AMRAP
100m Farmers Carry
30 sec HS hold
5 Strict HSPU

18 min AMRAP
Partner – 500m Row intervals

Couch stretch 1 min
Saddle stretch 1 min
Lat Foam Roll


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