We Share Success

We Share Success

As a trainer there isn’t much that makes me happier than seeing an athlete set a new PR or develop a new skill.  Each time one of our gym members gets their first pullup or toes to bar it’s a huge achievement and should be celebrated by everyone.   After all, you have to appreciate hard work and dedication. The athlete celebrates hours of hard work finally paying off, their coaches can see their instruction and programming turn into a skill and their classmates should appreciate the achievement because they have either put in the same amount of work to get where they are or they are currently going through the process of developing the skill.  At some point in time we have all been there or will be.  

Here’s a twist, maybe you’re not the high fiving, dancing in a circle, celebrating type.  Maybe you’re the brooding, calculating observer, from across the room. How are you sharing someone else’s success you ask?  Allow me to illustrate, there you are, watching the euphoria of getting that first muscle up. Trying to figure out why you haven’t gotten one yet and planning your next move.  Then you decide to start focusing on skill work in the last ten minutes of class, instead of heading home early. That’s when someone else’s success has proven that it is possible and has motivated you, the person in the corner, to dedicate more of your box time to getting where you want to go.  We all share success even if we don’t want to….

I’ll end with this, progress can be slow and improving your fitness at some point will be a struggle. When it gets tough keep grinding and don’t ever give up, we’re all rooting for you.  Then, when you finally break through whatever was holding you back, don’t be too humble. Give yourself a little credit for improvements no matter how small, even if it’s quietly to yourself.  Keep working hard and those small improvements add up to big things given time and you can walk into the box knowing that we’re there ready to celebrate the next time your name makes it on the PR board.  See you at the box!  

-Coach Nathan


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