Train up a child – part 1

A few days ago, we talked about having a fitness minded family. I do, in fact, believe that having everyone involved in fitness is the best thing a family can do together. It improves your health, it gives you fun things to do, and gives you more things to talk about around the dinner table. As we have found within the CrossFit community, like minded people aid you in reaching your goals.

Today I want to talk specifically about CrossFit kids. A lot of people seem to lose their minds when parents mention their children are in CrossFit. Isn’t it too strenuous on a child’s developing body? Is it setting the wrong idea for your child as far as body image? Aren’t they going to get hurt? Why can’t they just be kids? These are some of the questions I have been faced with when my children have taken a CrossFit class. So, I’m here to dispel the rumors. Let’s talk about why you need to get your child involved in fitness.

It develops the idea of healthy living.

Children are bombarded constantly with images and ideals from media, friends, and phones. They are told they have to do certain things or behave in certain ways to “fit in.” Many of us faced the same pressures as we were growing up, but with the added technology, they truly cannot escape the pressure. I do not want them to be overweight, which is not simply about aesthetics. I want my children to be healthy, inside and out. I want them to be able to play their sports, run with their friends, and truly enjoy life. When they are involved in a fitness world, like CrossFit, they are not only taught how to move their bodies effectively, they are taught about nutrition. They are taught what is safe and effective for their growing bodies. If you have ever watched a CrossFit kids class, they are not moving weight the way the adults are, as it’s not safe for younger kids. They start out small. They are taught mechanics and function, rather than speed and weight. This allows them to move their bodies without getting hurt. They learn how to fuel their bodies properly to have energy to sustain an active lifestyle. It’s never about diet and exercise. It’s about nutrition and function.

We all want our children to have healthy body images and healthy minds, and fitness is just the means to accomplish this. When you teach your children how to move, work, and be strong they are equipped for whatever comes. Tomorrow we will continue the conversation, concentrating on how fitness helps them in the classroom.

By: Amanda Stewart, CFL1 Trainer, Contributing Writer, #boymom

**We just started our January CrossFit Kids course at CF WOR – hop over to the CrossFit Kids page to find out all the details and get your kids signed up – there are 5 spots left!**


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