The Open is over…Now What?

What to do after the Open?

Many CrossFitters go through the dilemma of what to do after The Open each year. Some want to improve their CrossFit skills while others want a bit of a break. Whoever you are, you probably fall into one of the following questions/categories:

  1. What is the Open? “Wait, we did something different the past 5 Fridays??”

For this one, the answer is to just keep doing what you are doing. If you are enjoying CrossFit as a group exercise program and you love it, just keep at it and don’t worry about the buzz about getting better at Snatches, Double Unders, and Muscle Ups.

    2. What do I need to work on to improve in next year’s Open and when can I do a local live competition?

For this, it is important to look at what you did well and what you could improve upon in the coming months. It is important to speak with a coach about this because a long term development plan may be applicable. The coaches know about the local competitions as well and can help you choose one that they think 1. you will enjoy, and 2. fits in with your particular strengths/sets of skills. Many of you are due for a goal setting check in. Book a goal setting session HERE to speak with a trainer about all of this.

3. I’m kind of burned out. Can I just take it easy for a while?

This is one of the most common feelings with the more experienced CrossFitters that have done more than one or two CrossFit Opens in their time. There are several ways to approach this:

1. Keep coming as you usually do, but back off on the intensity for a few weeks. Don’t keep score during AMRAPs and stay in the 75-85% range on your lifts instead of going super heavy.
2. Switch it up!
a. Try out Barbell Betty’s starting in May. If you are a lady and you want to get better at the Olympic Lifts, Powerlifting, or just get stronger, this will be perfect for you.
b. Get started in Obstacle Course Racing with our OCR training group and tackle Conquer The Gauntlet in August! We will be releasing details on this training group soon.
c. Join WORFIT on M,W,F at 4:00pm – all of the high intensity interval training with none of the barbells
d. Try some 30 minute PT/skill sessions or a Personal Training Package to focus on exactly what YOU want for a while.

3. Enjoy Oklahoma!! Part of CrossFit is to learn and play new sports. Go hiking, biking, running, Stand Up Paddle, and more. Do this on your own or watch for announcements for group outings/events with your WOR family for this type of fun!


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