How to Successfully Begin Your CrossFit Journey: Observations from a Personal Trainer – Part 3

Easy Does It

No matter how nice or friendly the people are, or how welcoming the environment, working out at a new place can be downright intimidating. The atmosphere in a CrossFit box is built around (READ: healthy) competition. And it tends to bring out the competitor in us all – which is a good thing! My advice? Don’t let that competition get in the way of a good workout. Are there times when you want to keep the same pace as the seasoned athlete in class that just happens to be right beside you? Or lift as much as the new person that started the same time as you? Yes. It is always the wisest move? No. It’s great to let other people push you and help bring out the best in you, but don’t let your ego ruin a good thing.

Progress through levels of movements and weights in a healthy, strategic way. You could have one killer 30-minute WOD that wrecks your body and leaves you injured, unable to work out for weeks…or you could have a great, productive workout that still pushes and strengthens your body and leaves you confident and ready to return the next day. Sometimes it’s a fine line. If you’re not sure where that is, ask a coach. That’s what they are there for!


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