How to Successfully Begin Your CrossFit Journey: Observations from a Personal Trainer – Part 1

I started my CrossFit journey over a year ago and brought with me 7 years of being a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Over my years of training (and before that, playing basketball in college and later desk jockeying for work), I’ve had my share of injuries – the kind that leave you incapacitated; unable to walk, or get in and out of the bath by yourself. Being injured sucks. So even with my professional experience, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t apprehensive about starting a new program. But I was even more diligent in staying as injury free as possible. Here’s how I’ve survived (and thrived, at times) and come to love CrossFit as much as the next athlete.

Good Attitude and an Open Mind

As with anything, if you walk into a situation with an open mind and a good attitude,you’ll be so much more successful than if you are closed off and negative. The same thing applies to starting CrossFit – or any health and fitness regimen. If you think you already know everything there is to know about working out, or a particular movement or exercise, you won’t learn anything. Experts in their fields are experts because they are constant learners. You can always learn more and get better. And here’s the thing. If you don’t have an open mind towards the program, you won’t get results – so why bother? Does this mean you have to be really excited about it from the get-go? No. But you do have to have a positive outlook. And most of all, it’s super hard to have fun if you are closed-minded and constantly negative.

If you want to learn stuff, get results, and have fun while doing it – just be positive. Come to the box with an open mind and see what can happen!

-Coach Kristen


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