Strategies for Success During the Holidays – Part 4

Ok, you survived one of the Holidays and we hope you used our tips/strategies to be successful. Between now and Christmas life can get really busy. Our final post in this series is again on consistency. Consistency is key in reaching those goals you set back when you started. Consistency with nutrition, AND consistency in working out. Coach Kelly gives us his tips for staying consistent – even with all of the busy-ness that the Holidays can bring.

Stay Positive
There are countless reason to maintain a positive attitude. At times, it might be difficult to
maintain that positive attitude. At times, it might seem like nothing is going your way, whether it
be you spill your coffee, have a flat tire, or you oversleep and end up being late to work. When
all these things start to pile up it might seem to be impossible to make it to CrossFit and at times
it might be. If you have to miss a day, you must remain positive and tell yourself you will make it
tomorrow. If you let the negativity of your day begin to weigh you down you will find that you
have zero drive to work out because at that point it becomes more of a chore than fun as it
should be! The Holidays can be hard. As Coach Cheyenne wrote previously, have an
accountability partner/friend to help maintain your positivity. Someone you can talk to and share
your daily struggles with.

Above I mentioned that at times it might be impossible to make it to a scheduled class. There
are alternatives. Many people travel during the holidays and this might be a reason you miss
from time to time. However, you do not have miss a work out. There are roughly 13,000
CrossFit affiliates in over 120 countries. Of course, we all like the comfort of seeing that familiar face but
I believe it is important to challenge oneself and step out of the comfort zone. Do some
research on the location you plan on visiting and call ahead. Let the owner and coaches know
that you will be dropping in and any modifications you might need so that your drop in is a
successful one. For some the occasional drop in might not be feasible. That is ok! Of course
we want to see your smiling face if possible but you will always have the option of travel WODs.
Go to and pick a couple of
the travel WODs to keep you moving for a little bit. In a previous article, I wrote about
“something is better than nothing.” This continues to be true throughout the holidays! DO NOT
let all of the hard work you put in go away.


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