Strategies for Success During the Holidays – Part 2

These next strategies are brought to you by Coach Nathan and Coach Billie. As we all know the holidays bring with them a plethora of opportunities for overeating and for not sticking to one’s nutrition plan. Here are some tips for staying on track/getting back on track when faced with

Tips from Coach Nathan:

The end of the calendar year ushers in the holidays, a time of gatherings of friends and family. These gatherings always mean plenty of food and drink for all! Thanksgiving is a personal favorite of mine because of the feast and since I live to eat there is no better time of the year. Thanksgiving for myself and I’m sure many others doesn’t end with one dinner – as a matter of fact I get to enjoy four and I was fortunate enough to marry into a family that boasts a celebrated lineage of phenomenal cooks and bakers. Now when I say I live to eat I mean it but I also care about my performance in and out of the box. So how do I navigate most of a week’s worth of celebratory meals where literally every dish is delicious while not offending the accomplished cooks by not enjoying their dish? We all know they didn’t put all of that time and care into preparing a delicacy for themselves. Here’s my playbook. 1. I understand that I’m going to gain weight so I need to focus on damage control 2. Eat more things that come from the ground or that used to have a face. Its not going to be the broccoli and turkey that makes it hard to button my pants 3. If it’s a salad you prefer it should be made with leafy greens and fresh vegetables not pasta, marshmallows, or cheese whiz. Those are casseroles lying about being salads 4. Enjoy small portions of casseroles, many of these are loaded with hidden calories and some of the ingredients have to make an argument to be considered real food. The cheese whiz in that broccoli casserole is way more whiz than cheese. 5. Eat to perform, IF YOU EAT A LOT, MOVE A LOT. Make time to be active – the Turkey Burn (Thanksgiving morning at 8am at WOR) is a great way to work off those calories. Go for a walk or join in on that backyard football game instead of sleeping off the turkey. 6. If you happen to be preparing a dish, make one that uses real things like vegetables and lean meat. 7. Make your meal out of things that were made by a person and not in a factory.

This holiday season make sure to share your time with those you care about. Surrounding yourself with people that are positive and supportive will help keep you on the right path with your nutrition and life.

Tips from Coach Billie:

  1. Take a drink of water before each bite – it helps to fill you up!
  2. Chew your food slowly (allow your brain to realize when you’re full…if you eat too fast it won’t realize how full you are until it’s too late)
  3. Only get one serving of the foods that you love…and don’t go back for seconds.

We hope these tips help you navigate Thanksgiving and Christmas meals! These rules can also apply to your company’s holiday party, your kids’ holiday meal at school, and any other food-based events this Holiday Season.


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