Strategies for Success During the Holidays – Part 1

Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing with you tips from our coaches for surviving the Holiday Season – from consistency in the gym, to nutrition, to finances. We don’t want January 1st to be a ‘starting over’ point for you this year. Instead, we hope that you will have success in health and in life over the next month and a half so that you will not have to ‘reset’ at all in 2019.

Today, Coach Cheyenne shares with us her tips for staying in the gym consistently during the Holidays:

  1. Accountability

You are more likely to show up if someone is waiting for you.  Have a gym buddy help keep you accountable. Talk to them and ask them to text you before the workout to make sure you are coming, and that you actually show up.  If you cannot make it to the gym as many times during the holidays, set a goal of how many times a week you would like to go. Discuss this with your accountability partner and make a deal with them.  You can be accountable for them too and you never know, you just might strengthen your friendship in the meantime.

2. Plan ahead

If you know you have a lot of commitments during the holidays.  Sit down and get a calendar out. Write everything down that you have to go to and then check which days have an opening and write down ‘go to the gym’ or put it on your calendar on your phone.  Then set an alarm to remind you. The more you plan, the more likely you will follow through on it.

Start implementing these strategies today and stay tuned for more tips from our coaches over the next few weeks so that you can be successful this Holiday season!


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