Stories from CF WOR – Tate

The pursuit to regain my “fighting form” and to get in better shape to return to the rodeo arena is what initially brought me to WOR. I didn’t have many people that I knew who were into it or a part of a box. One of the designers, for the boot company I work for, was getting harassed about being a “Crossfit Man” when I first met him last year and it sparked some interest in me.
Although my time at WOR is short, completing 17.1 (although scaled) was a huge moment for me and makes me excited for the progress that I can make moving forward.

Tate Stratton, 28, Kellyville, Ok, riding for 20 years.

Much like the sport of rodeo, at the box we compete and work as individuals but we pull for, support and push one another to be our best. All ages, sizes and levels of fitness acting together to help one another reach a common goal… Become the best version of ourselves that we can be and find that inner drive to push it one step farther. Thats what brings me back each and every time.


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