Stories from CF WOR – Sheryl

I think it was April of 2015 when I started CrossFit.  Kathy Nunn had been trying to talk her sister and I into giving it a try, as we were having scheduling and motivation issues using a personal trainer. Results were ok, but boredom was setting in. I was also running ½ marathons at the time. Running is my least favorite thing but it was a family gathering and I got a workout in so it was a win. I had returned from Afghanistan recently where I first saw a CrossFit area. I “played” in there, sledging and flipping tires often but hadn’t a clue what else to do. I first saw an Airman doing box jumps using a tall (maybe a 24”) metal platform and about 2 additional feet worth of plates and he just kept going!

So when CrossFit was properly being described to me and I compared the cost to the personal trainer…I was IN. I’m not sure I had finished foundations yet when I did “Murph” the first time. Luckily I’m no stranger to pushups & running! The rest was plenty challenging.

I think my proudest moment so far was getting TerriAnne, a fellow box-goer, to try and conquer the 20” box, last month. Then, she just wouldn’t stop! Also, every time Jen beats me at something it makes me happy. She used to annihilate me at almost everything; soccer, running, leg day…and I would get so frustrated! I love to see her confidence coming back. She even completed her first box jump in a over a year – and with no knee pain at all! Personal PR’s make me happy but getting someone to overcome their own obstacles makes me super proud. My PR’s are slow-coming these days as I’m fighting injuries and slow recovery, but I see and get to be a small part of someone else’s success much more often. That’s something I never got in a regular gym.

My best WOR story hasn’t finished yet. Every day is a new page, every month a new chapter. I really enjoyed being a part of assembling the new Box at our location on Lee. I got to know a few more people a little better. The funniest times are in the 0530 am class. When I’m not there, I miss it. But the sleepy personalities are hilarious and we all get along so well and have fun laughing and sweating, hurting, and succeeding together!


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