Stories from CF WOR – Megan

When I first moved to Tulsa, I didn’t have many friends. I’m an extrovert by nature so not having anyone to hang out with after work or on the weekends was really tough on me. One of the few friends that I did have, thanks to PT school, began inviting me to WOR so that I would have something to do and people to meet, but I was super scared of it. The more I sat around my apartment, the more bored and out of shape I got, so on a whim I texted her and asked if the box had air conditioning…. I guarantee you LaMonte still remembers this, My friend happened to be with him when she got that text and they both assured me that I would not die of a heatstroke. So I started foundations the next week.

My proudest moment of CrossFit so far is finishing 17.1 (scaled). I did the open last year 2 months after having a mass removed from my shoulder, and I was not paying the least bit of attention to my diet. So needless to say I was not prepared. So this year I decided I wanted to be as prepared as I could. I changed my diet to paleo and committed to 5 days a week at the box, and finishing 17.1 proved to me that my hard work had paid off.

My favorite WOR memory is the first night of my first open. I couldn’t believe how many people were cheering and yelling for the athletes, no matter what skill level we were. The energy and the community was so strong, and I knew then that I was a CrossFitter for life. ❤


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