Stories from CF WOR – Julie Nix

I met LaMonte and Julie at another box. While most people there were friendly, LaMonte and Julie ALWAYS made a point to say hello and make we feel welcome. During a workout, I was coming back in the gym from the run portion and LaMonte was at the door giving high fives and encouraging the athletes. When I got to him he told me good job and that he wanted me on his team. I was like yeah right, I just came in last. Shorty after that I heard he was starting a box closer to my home and I knew that’s where I wanted to continue my journey to get healthier.

My proudest moment isn’t a single moment but the lifestyle changes I’ve made since being a member at WOR.

My best story is from this time last year when my WOR family was so supportive and caring while my Mom was in her last weeks of fighting cancer. I didn’t get to participate in the Open but Milton did and his team wore a turquoise ribbon to honor my Mother and dedicated the workout to her after she passed away. My WOR family also gifted me with an angel charm that I wear often and brings me comfort when I miss her the most.

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