Stories from CF WOR – Diana

I was completely unhappy with myself and who I became, physically, after having 4 babies and moving half way across the country away from everything that I knew in Massachusetts. I was always fit and happy with myself, but that changed, quickly. I self medicated my emotions with junk food! I figured I would try Crossfit WOR after seeing Tashia Hill sharing all her success and how much she loved it. We attend church together and I knew I had to try something different. At home work outs and fitness centers were not cutting it for me anymore! I like high intensity work outs so it was worth a shot!

My proudest moment has to be within the last month I lost 15 lbs since changing my nutrition habits and staying consistent with my workouts. I have also been hitting PR after PR and even RX’d 2 workouts within this past week! I also took on a new challenge through Crossfit WOR to train for a half marathon…. WOW! I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m not giving up!

My best story is that my kids get to come, watch me and cheer me on. I love it when I look over, see their little heads popping out from the kids room and hear their voices saying “Go Mommy!” or “Good job Mommy”. It totally melts my heart and I know I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing, taking care of myself and being a role model to my kids!

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