Stories from CF WOR – Cheyenne

I had wanted to do CrossFit for some time before I came to WOR. Money and time kept me from trying it. Chris and Deana Carr would talk to me about CrossFit while our kids were in their basketball practice. When Juan and I paid off our cars, I asked Juan what he thought about me trying CrossFit, and he said, “Yes! I think you’ll love it!” So I looked up WOR and saw that I already knew several people that went. So I signed up. 🙂

My proudest moments ( I have 2) are when I did my first pull-up without a band, and when I RX’d the 17.1 Open (my first CrossFit competition) and almost finished before the time cap.

I have loved meeting everyone at WOR. The 5:30 am crew are great! I have laughed many times with them, but the one that stands out the most is when we were doing child’s pose and Cris Lujan said something like,”I’m used to this pose because Ceci makes me bow down to her.” We were all cracking up!

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