Stories from CF WOR – Caroline

I had been hearing Billie talk all about this CrossFit business… She was always getting me into something and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she had me doing CrossFit, but I was reluctant to do it because I had only ever done Zumba and running (both of which I hated). I came with Billie to the 4th of July WOD in 2015 after we had run the Firecracker 5K that morning. I watched, because no way was I going to work out after I had just run 3.1 miles! After I watched the whole WOD, I knew that CrossFit was NOT for me! I was slow, fat, and didn’t think I was very strong. Fast forward a few weeks and I went to the free Saturday trial class. I gave it my all, barfed, cried, and then decided that CrossFit WAS for me! I brought a friend with me to the next Saturday class, didn’t throw up, improved my baseline time, and decided I would sign up!

My proudest moment so far is either when I did my first handstand or my first box jump. Going upside down and jumping both scare me to death. I have never been good at them and I didn’t trust my arms to hold my body weight. I’m still scared of the box but after I get out of my head I’m fine!

My favorite WOR story is when Ale was finishing one of the Open WOD’s last year and she was exhausted and had fallen and hurt herself but she kept pushing through because everyone was cheering for her! I just love how our community comes together to build each other up! There’s no other place I know of where they cheer loudest for the last one to finish.


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