Stories from CF WOR – Angela

When I decided to try crossfit I thought I would try all 3 locations near me before deciding where I best fit in. The morning we decided to try WOR I caught LaMonte leaving the neighborhood & got out of my car & ran back to his & asked how I could get started. We never tried anyplace else. Loved WOR too much.

Funny story….now looking back at the 16.4 open when it took me 80 something reps to get 55 wall balls.

Proudest moment was probably when i tried the peg board. One morning LaMonte said if someone tried the peg board we won’t do this or that….I didn’t hesitate & jumped right in. I didn’t go to the top but I was very surprised at how far I got. That was the same morning I did my first box jump. Apparently I had some nerve that day.


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