Sending Support: 5 ways to show your box some love!

By Coach Kristen

First and foremost, let me say this: WOR members are by far and large, THE BEST. You guys show so much support for your owners, coaches, and each other and it is downright inspiring. But like continuing to work on the form for your power clean or overhead squat, there is always always room for improvement – even if it’s ever so small.

Ever wonder how you can be a better member? Or insure that your box will be around for a long time to come? It’s a catch-22 of positivity. The more you support the box, the more it can support you. Here are 5 super simple things that you can do to make sure you are continuing to show WOR some member love!

1) Show up.

Just show up. Your presence matters. Whether that’s for a class, or a special event, a community outreach, The Open…it matters. Every individual at WOR is part of an intricately woven web of mutually beneficial relationships within the box. And you don’t know what your smiling face or your encouraging words can do for someone at just the right time. As WOR members we really are part of a team and every teammate plays an important part. Don’t miss an opportunity to show up. It matters.

2) Be accountable.

This can mean anything from making sure your membership or specialty course payment is on time (and good), to bringing what you say you are going to bring for a special event. Have an appointment with a trainer? Be there. This is an easy one. Just do what you say you are going to do. Honor your agreements. Simple.

3) Keep it clean.

Respect the space that your owners have worked so hard to provide for you. Just clean up after yourself. Throw away your trash, try to keep your things neat and orderly and out of the way. And if you have kids that utilize the kids room, take a few minutes to make sure that their space is cleaned up too after they are finished using it.

4) Communicate.

If there is something on your mind about anything that has to do with the gym – let us know! If you see an area that needs improvement, tell the people that can actually help make that happen. If something happened during a class that made you upset or uncomfortable, say something. If it was a coach – tell another coach or an owner. Grumbling among the troops, so to speak, never results in anything positive. Above all, your owners want to help you have a positive experience at the box. Your fitness, longevity, happiness…it’s their number one priority. But if something is impeding and they don’t know what it is – they can’t help. Help them, help you!

5) Spread the word.

It’s no surprise to anyone that the gym is also a business. And in this line of business, we rely heavily on your referrals. If WOR has made a positive impact in your life – and I’m willing to bet the farm that it has – make sure you are letting people know. Not only would we appreciate the new business, we’d love the opportunity to make a difference in THEIR life too.


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