Progenex – not all it’s muscled up to be

By Coach Billie

We all know that Progenex tastes amazing, but is it actually doing what it says it is? Progenex is found in almost every CrossFit box around the world; however, recent findings are changing that. CrossFit is separating themselves from Progenex and is no longer partners with them. Why, you ask? Progenex has a history of failed third-party blind tests and lawsuits over claims made on their packaging. A number of upper management employees of the company have faced lawsuits in other scams un-related to the supplement industry. You see, when the company started, it actually had something different, a patented protein with elevated growth factors and 20% more BCAA’s than is found in standard blends. So what happened? Well, the founder, in fact, all the founders, left by 2010 – and the company was taken over by a bunch of, well, folks with less than stellar backgrounds. The patented 2008 Formula that made Progenex different? No longer used. They switched to a widely used commodity blend – available from basically any company that sells protein. But they never alerted the consumer that they switched – and they never changed the labels stating that their product contained these “elevated levels”. Tests have been performed on both the 2008 blend and the current Progenex product – the difference is obvious.

While we do love the taste, CrosssFit WOR will also be saying goodbye to Progenex. We are actively sampling and researching new products to find high quality supplements that we can stand behind. We hope to have new supplements at the box soon that will fit your paleo and clean eating needs.


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