Not Just Another Post About Goals and January…

By Coach Kristen

So it’s January. Again. And it’s time to get focused. Again. But if you’re like me at all…January is hard. Getting back “on track” is hard. Starting over – or feeling like you are starting over – is hard. Seeing other people get excited about their goals and how they are chasing after them with reckless abandon is …hard. At least it is when you’re not even sure what your goals should be. Boy, how I can relate to that! Really truly I can.

If that speaks in any way, to any of you, hear me out. Sometimes, it may not be about setting records, or PRs, or making all of the things written on your mirror come true. Sometimes it is about those things! Hopefully most of the time it is! But sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes it’s about your ability to keep moving on. To keep pressing forward – even if it seems like it’s at a snail’s pace.

First of all, congratulations for simply not giving up. It may not seem like much, but I believe it should be celebrated! Seriously! Secondly, know that you are not alone. There are a ton of people – whether they admit it or not – who are in the same boat. It’s not just you. And lastly, it’s okay to ask for some extra support and guidance as you navigate this part of your journey.

That’s where I believe that CF WOR can help. Not only do the coaches and members offer the most consistent encouragement and support I’ve ever seen, they do so without asking for anything in return. They really do simply just want to help. Let me say it again: They really do simply just want to help. To meet you where you are and – as corny as it may sound – help lift you up to where you want to be. So my advice is this: reach out! Make an appointment with one of the coaches. Let them help you decide what goals you want to set for yourself if you’re not sure right now what those should be. They’ll help you set goals that are specific, realistic, attainable. Be vulnerable. Let them know why those goals are important to you and they’ll gently, but firmly, keep you accountable to them. And most importantly, just keep moving forward!

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