Modifications – Fitting Your Needs

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By Coach Kristen

3 Things I Want You to Know about Modifications in Your Workout

You may have heard your coaches use the word “modification” in relation to a particular exercise or movement. What exactly does this mean? Here are 3 things that I want you to know about modifications and how they can impact your workout.

  1. Modifications Remove Excuses

One of our major goals as coaches is to remove excuses you might use in order to avoid your workout. Sorry! Got a bum shoulder? No problem; let’s do some squats. Knee been bothering you? It’s all good – let’s deadlift instead of lunge. For times when it would be easier to just convince yourself to take a day off because you’re not feeling 100%, our job is to encourage you to keep moving and stay consistent with your time in the gym. Modifications can help us do just that. They take excuses off the table. Sorry, not sorry.

2. Modifications Don’t Mean “Easier”

Just because you need a modification in your workout doesn’t mean that it will be easier. Trust me. Sometimes, it ends up being more challenging! And that’s a good thing. Think of it like this. We aren’t removing the work load, we’re just shifting it. This allows you to still get the absolute most out of your time in the gym. With modifications, you don’t have to worry about wasting your time not getting your sweat on. It will be worth it! Just keep coming.

3. Modifications Are Endless

Modifications are only limited by our imaginations – and your coaches are not short on that! In fact, we actually LOVE getting to use our creativity in this way. At CF WOR, we have the space and equipment to accommodate almost anything. You CAN continue to work out while dealing with anything from a sore back to a broken arm. On crutches? In a wheelchair? Six weeks postpartum? Torn bicep? Bring it on. Challenge, accepted.

Simply put, we are willing to do whatever it takes to help you continue to work towards your goals regardless of the physical challenges you may be facing. You can still make significant progress (or at the very least not regress) while recovering from injury. You can do this. And using modifications, we can help.

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