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By Coach Kelly

Why in the world would you want to lift heavy objects? Isn’t that dangerous? Shouldn’t we all just stick with 2# dumbbells instead? We get these questions all the time. And yes, there is some benefit to lifting small objects repetitively…however, the REAL benefits come from lifting heavier objects and the muscle that is built as a result. While the benefits of weight lifting are too numerous to list, here are 3 things that you can count on happening to your body once you get started (hint: none of them involve ‘getting bulky’):

It helps to build strength faster

If someone was to ask you, “do you want to be stronger?” more than likely your answer would be yes.  Why wouldn’t you want to be stronger?  When we lift heavy, this helps to build strength.  There are many benefits to that additional strength that you gain. Strength correlates with fat burning hormones in both men and women.  These Fat burning hormones help in speeding up your metabolism.  So, by lifting heavy and building strength you in turn, can help to get a more lean physique that is much easier to maintain.

Strength also helps with confidence and it challenges your capacities.  In order to build strength you must embrace hard work!  This is why it is important for us to keep track of our 1RM (rep max) so on the strength portions, we are trying to increase our capacity from previous days.  The confidence you gain will help you compete with yourself, which will help you stay consistent in your training.

You’ll burn more calories and lose more fat.

People might think that lifting heavy weights doesn’t burn calorie due to that fact that you do not sweat as much as you do during a high intensity cardio based workout.  Well, this isn’t necessarily true.  Lifting heavy weight will elevate your post work out energy expenditure.  This is due to the metabolic stress that it causes.  So, once you get home from that hard day of heavy lifting, you will continue to burn those calories.  These levels can remain elevated for up to 60 minutes following exercise.  It is important to know that this will vary from person to person.

It strengthens connective tissue.

Lifting heavy can be protective.  With all the wear and tear of daily life and the inevitable truth of you not getting any younger, we must do all we can to make ageing a smooth transition.  Training with weight can help strengthen connective tissue to help prevent degeneration from repetitive use.  By loading the body with heavy weights, we help to strengthen our bones, tendons, collagen and ligaments.

One of the fastest ways to strengthen connective tissue is eccentric training.  This is when you lower heavy weight slowly to the ground.  This is the reason on some days that we deadlift, it is programmed as “touch and go”: you don’t drop the bar from the top.  This type of training really works the tissue, which more than likely will leave you sore giving the muscle the opportunity the grow stronger.

The next time you see that strength portion, use it for the benefits it is intended for!  Keep track of those lift numbers, get stronger, burn some fat and help slow down tissue and bone degeneration. As always, our trainers at there to answer any questions/concerns you have about the movement, watch and correct your form to ensure the utmost safety, and, of course, to make you smile.

Are you ready to start seeing these benefits of strength training? Do you want to get stronger but want to be watched closely so as to avoid injury? There’s no better time than now to get started! Schedule a free No Sweat Intro today and meet one of our incredible coaches! They are not here to sell you anything – just to answer any questions you may have, find out about your goals, and make a plan WITH you to help you reach them.

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