Jessica Green

1. Name

Jessica Green

2. Age


3. When did you become a member at CF WOR?

April 2015.

4. Have you noticed any changes – physical or mental – since starting CrossFit? If so, what?

Yes, I’ve lost 37 pounds since starting CrossFit, and I have muscles where I didn’t know muscles could be. The most important changes that I owe to CrossFit are the changes that come from within… confidence, determination, focus, & mental strength.

5. What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout?

After throwing up twice and riding the porcelain express, I was able to form a few coherent thoughts: I’m going to die! This is not for me, and why would anyone pay money to do this!

6. When did you realize CrossFit is right for you?

When I found myself getting up every morning to attend the 5:30 AM class… I’m not a morning person, but by starting my day with CrossFit I have more energy and a better attitude.


7. What is your favorite CrossFit exercise? Least Favorite?

My favorite CrossFit exercise is anything with the core (wall ball sit ups, russian twists, windshield wipers). My least favorite exercise are air squats.

8. What motivates you during a WOD?

My 5:30 AM peeps motivate me to push myself and MOVE!

9. What goals do you have for yourself as a CrossFitter?

I want to do rx on the WOD and beat the guys time. I think there may also be a competition in my future.

10. What do you think sets CrossFit apart from other forms of fitness?

CrossFit is more than just fitness its an extended family.

11. What advice would you give people just starting CrossFit?

Believe in yourself! Anything is possible with hard work and determination.

12. What is something no one knows about you?

I don’t wear socks. Recently, I’ve been wearing socks to CrossFit, something about having stinky feet and shoes?!.

13. If you created a WOD and named it after yourself, the workout would be:

Sit up Butter cup:

4 rounds. 30 russian twists, 30 wall ball situps, 30 double unders, 30 winshield wipers, 200 meter run


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