Go Tell It On The Mountain

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By Coach Billie

You’ve all heard it before: The First Rule of CrossFit: Never stop talking about CrossFit. “Here we go again, she just has to talk about CrossFit” –  so many people who haven’t tried CrossFit say this often (many of them our spouses and co-workers). It actually gets under my skin a little. It’s like telling other athletes who play sports not to talk about their sport. Telling a basketball player not to talk about that awesome ankle braking move they just did to score 2 points or making a contested three pointer. No way, not today and not in my house. So here is what I have to say, “ CrossFit IS a sport and we ARE athletes.” Of course I want to talk about CrossFit, mainly because it is the sh**. But more importantly because I can do something in twenty minutes that will take most people an hour. I am doing things in my thirties I never thought possible! From throwing weight around, to climbing ropes and doing pull-ups. We “CrossFitters” love what we do. We watch it, talk about it, and live it because we want to improve our skills and our health just like other athletes do. So the next time someone rolls their eyes at you for talking about CrossFit, just kindly remind them that you are doing something positive for your health (and not ‘crazy’ or ‘dangerous)…and then invite them to come! Your spouses, significant others, coworkers, friends, and family members will likely be setting New Years Resolutions to lose weight or get in better shape…so now, more than ever, is the time to SHOUT it from the mountains what CrossFit has done for you and why you love it. If you don’t want to tell them it’s CrossFit, that’s ok too – just invite them to try out your ‘gym.’ We are confident that once they meet the awesome community at WOR, experience one of our workouts, and learn about the variety of programs we have to offer, they will realize that THIS (gym, box, whatever you want to call it) is exactly what they are looking for to help them actually reach those New Years goals this year.

Invite them to come in for a Free No Sweat Intro and we will talk to them about those goals and help them determine the best path to reach them.

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