Gainz in the Posterior Chain

By: Coach Billie

Everyone loves a nice backside, right?! Well that is just what the Posterior Chain is. It is made
up of a group of muscles that produce hip extension. Sound familiar? Your coach probably already tells
you that power comes from the hips. The muscle group is made up of the glutes, hamstrings and groin
muscles. The Posterior Chain helps us to run, jump, push, pull and even sit down and stand up.

The most common exercise to strengthen and engage the Posterior Chain is the squat. The
athlete must reach full depth and stand for full hip extension to properly strengthen the Posterior Chain. Other
exercises include deadlifts, Olympic lifts, burpees, lunges, those fun banded good mornings, box jumps, sled pulls,
and those silly little leg curls we do for accessory work that most people skip out on. All these movements
will help increase power, performance and total body control. Best of all they help with injury prevention.
This is so important for athletes of all ages and athletic capabilities in order to improve their quality of

So remember, if you want some gainz you have to work on that Posterior Chain!


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