Filling Your Cup with Joy

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By Coach Julie

Imagine you wake up and you are given the gift of an empty cup.  Your job is to fill it with joy.  What does that even look like?  Immediately, the latest style of clothing, cars, or electronics might come to mind. But do those things really bring you joy, or do they always make you want more?

Let’s get back to filling this cup.  What if when you came into the gym, you made it a point to say hello to every person you walked by?  What if you asked them how their workout was?  What if you introduced yourself to every new face?    Through these actions, you are taking the time out of your day to let someone else know that you care.  In turn, they will surely smile back and return the gesture, making you feel good as well.  Your cup may just start to fill up with joy.  These feelings aren’t something you can throw away or return to a store.  They encompass you, along with those that you shared them with.

What if you didn’t just put your own equipment away, but also helped someone else?  That team effort might fill your cup up even more.

What if patience could fill your cup?  We are all striving to be better at something.  Sometimes it is to move better at the box.  Sometimes it is to get somewhere when we are driving.  With a rushed mentality, we will be prone to road rage, move carelessly while working out, have an inability to connect with others, and suffer from poor digestion and other potential health issues.

Patience and kindness are contagious.   They can be nurtured by acts like donating to organizations and people less fortunate than you.  This extends to exchanging kind words and smiles with your fellow CF WOR family members, as well as being kind and patient with yourself in the way in which you move.  We are unique in how we move.  Our paths to success are individual to our special selves, and we need to be proud of our accomplishments, big and small.  Give a little love to others, and don’t forget to love yourselves in the process!  I promise your cup will be overflowing with joy!

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