Eat more fruits and veggies…get more Happy in your life

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables also increases your level of happiness. For every extra (beyond the daily recommended five) servings of fruits or vegetables consumed, happiness levels increased up to 8 servings. To put the ‘degree’ of happiness into perspective, for people who increased their daily consumption from almost zero up to 8 servings per day, their life satisfaction increase was equivalent to that of someone going from unemployed to employed! That’s a big increase! These improvements occurred within 24 months. Often it’s hard to have the motivation to eat the recommended number of servings of fruits and veggies per day because the health benefits, such as protecting against cancer, accrue decades later in life. But now we know that the benefits to our mental health can occur much much faster! So if you’ve been lacking in motivation to eat lots of fruits and vegetables per day, here’s a big dose for ya: eat more, get happy fast! Now go eat up!


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