Don’t Fall For Fads!

By Coach Billie

Oh my gosh Becky, did you see how skinny Tracy was? What is she doing? I have to do it! Oh, she is
taking the new shake that made her loose 10 pounds in 1 week! We should totally try it……ALERT,
ALERT, ALERT!!! Ladies and gentlemen, it is just another fad! What is a fad you ask? A fad, also known as
a trend or craze, is any form of collective behavior that develops within a culture or group of people that
enthusiastically follows an impulse for a finite period.
Fads are all around us every day. Even our kids go through them. For example, The Fidget Spinner. It
came out with a blaze. Kids wanted everything Fidget Spinners and collected them all. Then one day,
they could have cared less about them and just jumped onto the next band wagon of flossers and
unicorns. Adults seem to lean toward “health fads”. What can make me lose a certain number of pounds
in so many days and I basically don’t have to do anything. A big one is, Can I just take a pill and look 10
years younger and 20 pounds lighter??? The real answer is no, not if you truly want to be happy and
healthy for many years. The best answer I have to fads is, it will pass. We know what is healthy to eat,
we just have to choose to eat that way. We also know that our bodies are made to move and not to be
sedentary. Again, we have to choose to exercise and be the change we want to see. Instead of just
thinking these things, we have to take action. Fads will always be around fading in and out. It will always
be up to us to make the choices that are best for us not anyone else.

P.S. My favorite fads in middle school were Jinco jeans and door beads!!!


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