Do YOU have a workout buddy?

By Coach Billie

Being healthy is NOT easy and it can actually be a little depressing when one is trying to change their lifestyle alone.  It is VITAL to have a workout buddy, also known as an accountability partner.  Workout buddies are just way cooler. They share highs and lows with you during your fitness journey. They cry, laugh, sweat, bleed and overcome with you. Workout buddies are able to push you to new heights in fitness, nutrition and life in general. Most people are not self-disciplined enough to stay on the straight and narrow path of this crazy thing called health. And when I say health I am talking about nutrition, fitness, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing. The best thing about a Workout Buddy to me is, they are real. A person just trying to do what is best for myself and my family. But they understand that we don’t live in a perfect world, because if we did, we wouldn’t need them.

I suggest finding a Workout Buddy that isn’t your spouse or lives with you in the same household.  I mean let’s be honest my husband just loves when I can’t decide what shorts look better with what top I am going to wear to the box or my indecisiveness on going to work out today or not because I’m sore. He especially loves it when I won’t stop talking about CrossFit. His favorite part is me and my emotional rollercoaster of nutrition! HAHA – can you hear all the sarcasm there?  I need a workout buddy who understands me and knows when to tell me to slow it down a bit or to suck it up!

At no time should your workout buddy be negative or disrespectful to you and vice versa. A workout buddy should always be there to build you up and to never bring you down. So if you don’t already have one, find yourself a partner in crime or multiple buddies! Stay true to yourself and your partner!


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