CrossFitter Gift Guide

If you know a CrossFitter, you know that they LOVE all the gear. Here’s a simple guide to gifting your CrossFit guru. 


We have to start with shoes because CrossFitters LOVE shoes. One reason for this is because CF incorporates so many different movements, that shoes really are the basis of your workout gear. Go-to brands will include:
Reebok Nano’s, Nike Metcon, No Bull

Fitness Tracker

You’ll find fitness trackers on all kinds of athletes: runners, weightlifters, gymnasts, and sports players. People like to see what their body is doing, while working out. Different trackers are better for different sports, so the same goes with CrossFit. Here are a few of our faves: Apple, Whoop, FitBit, Garmin. Be sure to do your research on these bands to see which one fits your athlete best. 

Subscription Box

A subscription box is a great gift for a CrossFitter. They’ll be able to try out different brands of clothing, gear, and sometimes foods and drinks. Most boxes allow you to purchase a one time box, all the way up to a monthly box, for the gift that just keeps giving. Here are a few well known subscription boxes that your CrossFitter is sure to love. 
Barbella Box (for ladies), Gainz Box, WODBOM


Let’s be honest, CrossFitters LOVE clothing. It’s best to find out your CFer’s favorite brands before purchasing. Here are a few of our members’ favorite brands:
ZYIA, Reebok, Born Primitive, IAB, Lululemon


CrossFitters love ALL the gear. The more gear, the better! Here are some ideas…
Hand Grips, Liquid Chalk, Jump Rope, Gym Bag, Reusable Water Bottle, Knee Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Lifting Belt.


A really nice gift for a CrossFit Athlete is a Massage. Loosening up those tight muscles is a great present for any athlete. 

Merry Christmas from your Friends at CF WOR!


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