Building our Community

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By Coach Kelly Beatty

The term neighbor doesn’t necessarily mean the person or people you live next to.  I have a pretty loose definition when it comes to the word “neighbor”.  For me, it also includes co-workers, friends and I’ll even throw acquaintances into the mix!

If you have neighbors, co-workers and friends that are looking to get healthy you should bring them to CF WOR. It’s the best place to get close, one-on-one training, and meet some people who have similar goals that can help hold you accountable.  Community = accountability. Accountability = results.

At CF WOR we are more than just a fitness program.  The best part (in my opinion) is the community that has been built in the past 3 ½ years.  This community has been a part of some spectacular things.  It could be as simple as helping someone get into their house when they’ve locked themselves out, to something as big as helping them through their greatest life struggle (divorce, miscarriage, death of family members, etc.).

We also help within our local community.  One great thing we do every winter is a winter wear drive.  We have been very successful in the past by providing the homeless essential items during the cold months.  Another way we give back to our community is by helping our teachers.  Every year we participate in a WOD marathon.  Your “buy” in for each workout is school supplies that are needed for our teachers to be successful in their classrooms.  These teachers pour their hearts our into shaping and teaching our children and we want to give back to THEM to show them how much we appreciate their hard work.

Our WOD and Worship participants, with the help of Coach Billie, do some outstanding selfless acts for the community.  They are a part of STL234/Philippians 2:3-4.  The members collect items such as snacks, blankets, shoes, clothes and toiletries throughout the month.  Once the supplies are gathered they meet on the fourth Sunday of the month in downtown Tulsa to hand these items out to the homeless.

All of this barely scratches the surface of the wonderful things we get to be a part of through CF WOR!  I encourage you to participate in any/all of these activities. And then tell your neighbors about how your gym is more than ‘just a gym.’  Instead of just talking about the great workout that you got to do, maybe start the conversation off with some of the incredible changes you have seen in your own life and the impact that we get to have on others lives as well. We love making lives better through health, fitness, AND community!

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