Athlete Spotlight – Rhonda Smith

Rhonda 61. Name:

Rhonda Smith

2. Age:


3. When did you become a member at CF WOR?

Dccember 2014

4. Have you noticed any changes – physical or mental – since starting CrossFit? If so, what?Rhonda 5

Rhonda 1Rhonda 2I have!  I have experienced  physical changes in weight loss, body fat % and BMI.  Initially, that is all I was concerned about, but somehow this becomes secondary to the mental strength, and confidence that I have gained through CrossFit.  I have grown stronger physically in so many ways!  As an athlete in high school & college,  I knew the importance of working out, & always tried to stay active.  I have worked with personal trainers and participated in boot camps over the past several years, but I have experienced more changes in 3 months than I saw in years of doing it on my own.  I can’t wait to see what the next several months will bring.

5. What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout?

This is insane!

6. When did you realize CrossFit is right for you?

During the first week..

7. What is your favorite CrossFit exercise? Least Favorite?

Favorite – Box Jumps, Least Favorite – Mountain Climbers

8. What motivates you during a WOD?Rhonda 4Rhonda 3

The sense of accomplishment is my greatest motivation.  Just knowing that I finished it.

9. What goals do you have for yourself as a CrossFitter?

To get stronger and better at lifting.  To conquer pull-ups, hand-stand push-ups, wall-climbs & double-unders.

10. What do you think sets CrossFit apart from other forms of fitness?

Seeing and feeling results quickly is a HUGE motivator.  Seeing a move or WOD on the board that you don’t think you can do and doing it anyway.

11. What advice would you give people just starting CrossFit?Rhonda 7

Be patient!  If you have to scale, you are still getting a better workout than you would anywhere else.

12. What is something no one knows about you?

My PR for holding a plank is 4 minutes.

13. If you created a WOD and named it after yourself, what would it be?

10  Push-Up Plank Jacks or Push-Ups

10 Walking Lunges w/ bicep curls

50  Sit-Ups

20 Box Jumps

20 Box Dips

50 Sit-Ups



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