Approaching the WOD – Learning from an Olympian Part 3

By Coach Maxx

Today, we continue learning from Michael Johnson’s Coach on his approach to the 400m dash and how it directly applies to your approach to the Workout of the Day. In Part 1, we discussed the PUSH (read the article HERE). Part 2 covered the  PACE (read article HERE). Today we talk about the 3rd step in your approach to your daily workout: POSITION.

POSITION – At the 200 meter mark, the second curve on the track, you start to see where you stack up with the other runners. The beginning of the race staggers the athletes in each lane so by the time they are finished with the second turn, the 300 meter mark, the athletes are theoretically supposed to be even. Obviously, some athletes are faster than others and so this is where you size up your position among the other athletes in the race. Do you have someone in each class you like to beat? “No, no, I’m too nice.” Well, you better start picking someone out! Pick a time or a person on the board and shatter their time. This is helpful for two reasons:

1) Competition is healthy and will push you as an athlete. So pick someone who is better than you and CHASE. THEM. DOWN.
2) It’s a failsafe way to pace your WOD. Not sure how to pace? Take the time and divide it by the number of rounds then subtract 5 seconds from each round and you’ll beat them.
Be a better version of yourself every day…but also chase someone down.


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