Crystal Patterson

1. Name: Crystal Patterson

2. Age: 35

3.When did you become a member at CF WOR? August 1, 2014

4. Have you noticed any changes – physical or mental – since starting CrossFit? If so, what? Yes! Physical changes are evident. I have dropped at least two pants sizes, I have more energy, I’m faster, stronger, and lifting heavier. About 6 months ago I was pleasantly surprised when my two youngest were both having a particularly hard time in the store, and I was able to carry both of them, one on each hip, around the store for the whole shopping trip and I wasn’t tired. Together they weigh about 60 lbs. Two years ago I couldn’t carry one of them (@ 10-20 lbs) for more than 5 minutes without my arm giving out. Probably the biggest change I have seen is mental. After my last baby, I had severe postpartum depression. I am definitely seeing much improvement in that area, especially since I started doing nutrition coaching with Julie last January. When I started Crossfit, I really felt like I had reached my life’s climax and it was just physical and mental downhill from there. Crossfit has helped me to realize I have so much life left, and so many goals that I CAN achieve. I’ve started trying things I never would have two years ago. I feel much more confident and successful in all areas of life.


5. What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout? My original plan was to only do Crossfit for a few months, lose some weight and be done. After my first workout I didn’t think I would survive even that long, but at the same time, I loved how I felt after completing a workout.


6. When did you realize CrossFit is right for you? Within the first couple of months I knew that my original plan was out the window. I was hooked.


7. What is your favorite CrossFit exercise? Double unders, pull-ups, and power cleans. Least Favorite? Wall climbs, mountain climbers, rope climbs…anything with the word “climb” in it.


8. What motivates you during a WOD? Generally when someone encourages me to keep going, or finish. “You got this!”

9. What goals do you have for yourself as a CrossFitter? I want to do a competition outside of WOR. When I signed up for this year’s Open, I thought I was going to throw up just filling out the form. Now I can’t wait to try one away from the comfort of my own box. I really want to be challenged more. I also want to improve my toes to bar, chest to bar, and maybe just one muscle up by Christmas?


10. What do you think sets CrossFit apart from other forms of fitness? This is the first time I have really committed to a real form of fitness for more than a couple of months. But I have stuck with Crossfit for many reasons. 1) It’s NEVER boring. It’s never same ‘ole, same ‘ole. The workouts are constantly changed, varied, and newly challenging. 2) It’s fun. It’s fun to see what my body can do. I’m constantly finding my body doing things I never thought it would do. 3) The people. Oh my goodness…when they say WOR “family”, they mean it. I always have encouragement when I need it, and I look forward to seeing my box friends. They are ALL wonderful, sweet, encouraging and fun to be around.


11. What advice would you give people just starting CrossFit? I don’t guarantee easy, I guarantee DOABLE.


12. What is something no one knows about you? I am a trained opera singer and have performed opera in five languages. After my bachelors I went on for my masters with the intention of never getting married, and traveling Europe and singing in different opera venues. I swore I would leave Mannford/Sand Springs area never to return, and certainly never marry someone from there. HA! The guy I couldn’t stand in Sunday School I fell madly in love with and married the semester before I graduated with my masters. My opera audience is now my beautiful 4 kids, who all know Quando men vo, Nessun Dorma, and Deh vieni, non tardar by heart. And I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!

13. If you created a WOD and named it after yourself, the workout would be: Crystal Ball 4 rounds for time: 200 m run with wall ball (20/14) 25 wall ball shots 25 atomic situps with wall ball 25 jumping squats with wall ball


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