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Today is the fourth day of our Fit It Forward challenge. This week, we’re working on your happy.

Fit It Forward Challenge Day 4: Find Their Genius. Everyone is really, really good at something. Taken out of context, that ‘genius’ may seem trivial, but it’s a sign of larger things. That little thing that is one of your favorite things about your spouse? The way they pack a picnic, the way they are able to fix almost anything…those little things allow your day to become 1000% better. Knowing these little things about them also helps you to discover a million other talents.

We spend a lot of time finding ‘bright spots’ for WOR family members. Our collective pursuit of fitness provides a great opportunity for nurturing genius: When Lauren hit over 50 double-unders for the first time the other day, all the coaches were elated. It’s really easy to find genius in the gym.

It might be hard to uncover genius – or forget genius – outside the gym. When your husband, who is a genius at making coffee, leaves the door open too long, or forgets to take out the garbage, try to focus on the coffee today. You don’t have to forget about the other stuff, but tell him that his genius is appreciated.

The quiet uncovering of genius is a crime. If you see something, say something.

Doing the Fit It Forward challenge? Tag yourself in this picture on the CF WOR facebook page and make it your profile pic for the week! You don’t have to tell anyone what it means if you don’t want to, but we wanna know that the WOR Family is doing some good out there!

The picture looks like this:

30 Squats, 30 Sit-ups, 100m Run
20 WB Shots, 20 Flutter Kicks, 200m Run
10 Goblet Squats, 10 Push-ups, 200m Run
5 Burpee Broad Jumps, 5 Strict Pull-ups, 100m Run

Metcon: 4 Rounds
Minute 1: 12 WB Cleans (20/14)
Minute 2: 10 KBS (70/53)
Minute 3-6: 100m Farmer’s Carry AHAP

HBD Tashia
4 Rope Climbs


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