5 Reasons Group Fitness will make you Fitter, Healthier, and Happier!

There are many types of fitness routines that you can choose from. Just google the words “fitness routine” and thousands of programs will pop up on your screen. At CF WOR we specialize in many types of fitness programs: from personal training, mobility, weightlifting courses, running programs, and bootcamp (to name a few). Our MOST POPULAR programs are by far those that have a group component to them.

While any fitness program, with the right commitment and coaching, will make you more fit…not all of them lend themselves to making you an all around healthier AND happier person. This is where group fitness comes in!



TOP 5 Reasons why Group Fitness will make you fitter, healthier, and happier:

  1. 1. Motivation and Support: It is incredibly motivating to work out with a group. Everyone is working hard and working together. Everyone supports each other and wants the next person to do just as well as everyone else. There is always cheering, yelps of encouragement, and just an all around supportive environment!


  1. 2. Shared Experience: There is something special that happens when you go to a fitness class with someone, work hard through the workout ,and end up sweaty, out of breathe, and feeling accomplished together on the other side. Even if someone went a little faster than you, or you punch out more reps than the next person. Everyone knows how hard the next person worked! You can share THAT experience, talk about it, and share what worked for you and what didn’t.


  1. 3. Accountability: Everyone knows if you missed class and wonders where you are. If you haven’t been into the gym in a week, your coaches and your fellow classmates miss you and text you to see if you are ok. There is a certain level of accountability to signing up for a group class that makes you follow through. We know that consistency is key to making progress, and the accountability of group classes is THE KEY to that consistency!


  1. 4. Social Time: These are the people that you can share your day with. They aren’t your work colleagues, they aren’t your immediate family. They are the “other” friends. The people that you can let loose with, joke with, talk about your day with, and really ‘relax’ with.


  1. 5. Learning Through Others: When you get to workout and chat with a group, you always pick up something new, maybe a new recipe, a diet tip, a new joke, a fitness tip…or anything related (and sometimes not related) to the gym that you wouldn’t have otherwise learned about while working out alone. There is always something NEW to learn in every class!



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