3-2-1 GO!

We have heard 3-2-1 GO! many times in our lives, especially as a CrossFitter! Having a countdown helps us focus and prepare our minds, and a starting point allows us to measure our times and results. To deviate a bit from our normal content, the below is a simple idea (thanks to author James Clear) to help focus and streamline your thoughts this week.

To start, we’ll look at three things we can learn from. Ask yourself the following questions and give them a few minutes of thought.

  • What has been your favorite part of the last few weeks? Maybe extra time with your family? A clean and organized home or apartment? More time going on walks, slowing down, and observing the world around you?
  • What areas have you realized you need to improve? Do you need to work out more? Have you been using work to distract you from other things? Does your family, finances or health need more focused attention?
  • Who has been there for you lately? Are you closer to your family now than you were before? Are you talking with your close friends more than you were before? Is your faith stronger now than before?

Next are two quotes to contemplate:

  • “When something bad happens, you have three choices: You can either let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you.”~Unknown
  • “When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.”~C. S. Lewis

Finally, one challenge for the week:

  • Decide on one thing you need to simplify, improve, or complete this week and knock it out. It could be cleaning out your garage, redoing your budget, or donating extra clothes. It doesn’t have to be big. Small changes add up.

Have a great week!


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