12 Days of CrossFit!


It’s the beginning of December, Christmas decorations are already out and the shops are stacked with Christmas goodies. We all know Christmas doesn’t start until December 25th…and especially not until the 12 Days of CrossFit has been completed! This is one of the biggest challenges on the calendar this year and it will be exciting to see just how many people complete all 12 days!

What’s the 12 Days of CrossFit about?

We challenge you to 12 back-to-back benchmark days of CrossFit from Tuesday, December 6th through Saturday, December 17th. Work is already underway deciding the WODs with the coaches choosing several and LaMonte choosing the rest (the picture above is a shot of LaMonte mid-programming).

How does it all work?

Regardless of what membership you have, we invite you to attend class everyday from the 6th – 17th of December. This challenge is open to absolutely everyone, all you need to do is turn up to a class and be ready to train! We will keep a log of daily attendance to see who gets to have the bragging rights to completing this challenge for the next year!

What if I can’t RX the WODs?

Don’t worry, we will provide you with scaling for the workouts as its required. However we encourage everyone to try their hardest and push yourselves – this is a great time to test yourself! It’s not often we’re able to program in so many benchmark WODs so it’s a good time to hit some PRs!

What if I can’t make it one day?

Don’t worry if work, family commitments, etc get in the way – that’s life! Just complete as many workouts as you can. We do not recommend double day WODs to make up for a missed day – this challenge is tough enough as it is!

What happens on the last day, day 12?

Day 12 is the grand finale! As such, this year we will be having a ‘holiday dress’ day! So find your best crazy Christmas costumes! Wear them for our final WOD at 5pm on Saturday, December 17th, followed by a potluck meal/Christmas party!

Top tips for taking on this challenge:

Get enough zzzzz’s!: sleep helps us recover (and not be so cranky!) so try and make sure you get some good quality sleep over the course of the 12 days. Think 7-8 hours minimum, and try and get your room pitch black!

Fuel and recover well: Make sure to eat healthy balanced meals each time you eat. Maybe consider upping your food intake if this is an increase in training frequency (and we don’t mean chocolate reindeer and sugar cookie Santa’s). In the words of Greg Glassman “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”

Mobility: It’s normal to feel a little stiff and sore as you progress through the 12 days, but you can help alleviate this with mobility work. Hit up your friends for a mash-party or do some evening mobility drills to keep yourself supple.

Have fun and make friends!

This really is an enjoyable 12 days, although by day 7 or 8 you may be feeling like you have been trampled by a heard of hungry CrossFitters, this is as much about having fun and making new friends as it is about completing the 12 days. Even on Day 8 when you’re thinking ‘will this ever end?’ and wondering why on earth you’d agreed to do this; it’s all for fun. You’ll proudly be able to say at the end of the 12 days you tried your hardest and were able to push and dedicate yourself to the challenge…so my final tip, DO NOT GIVE UP!

So, a quick summary of the important bits:

What? 12 Days of CrossFit, 12 benchmark workouts back to back

When? December 6-17

Where? WOR, of course!

How do I sign up? No need to sign up, just turn up to all 12 days

What else? The 12th day is ‘holiday dress’ day – wear your santa hat, your cocktail dress, your ugly sweater – or all 3! The final WOD will be The CrossFit Total at 5pm on the 17th and will kick off our Christmas party!

Let’s get after it!

20 Back Rack Lunges
10 Deadlifts
Accumulate 90 sec in bottom of perfect squat
3 Sets: 8 Deadlifts
8 Front Squats
8 Good Mornings
8 Reverse Lunge
8 Hang Muscle Clean

Strength – Sumo Deadlift
[email protected]%, [email protected]%, 1+ @95% (no more than 10)

rest 2 min – 5×2 @ 70% every 60 sec
not touch n go – rest all sets

Metcon: 21-15-9
Deadlift (135/95)
Front Squat

50-100 Banded Hamstring Curls
Weighted Sit-ups 3×12


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